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Team Building


團隊訓練源於大衛‧庫伯 (David Kolb) 的經驗學習模式 (Experience Learning Model),本體上是一種學習的取向,帶出一切學習以經驗為開始,在學習過程中透過分享及反省,深入處理和轉化該次經驗,成為一次有個人意義的信息,並藉著實踐而驗証它的真確性,繼續進入另一個經驗,帶來另一次學習循環。




如想查詢更多詳情, 請跟我們的團隊訓練專員聯絡。



Same Value Same Goal


Team Building is developed from the Experience Learning Model by David A. Kolb, which is an orientation of learning, it teaches you that all learning should start by experiencing. One will learn how to introspect and share, along with gathering information with one’s personal sense during the learning process. And through practice and verification of its authenticity, it will continue to become a higher level of experience. 


By experiencing war game or team building, members will learn how to locate their position in a team and support their team mates to achieve its common goal. 


If you would like to know more, please contact our Team building Specialist. 

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