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About Us

W28 CENTRE - 創立於2008年,我們一直堅守提供優質服務及完善戶外 War Game 場地, 開業以來我們已為無數野戰玩家及不同機構提供野戰服務及培訓課程,當中包括金融、保險、地產、銀行、建造業、物流業、酒店業、設計業、傳媒界、職訓局、大學、中學、政府機構、慈善團體、教會、青少年中心、成人進修中心及大中小企等等……



Founded in 2008, W28 CENTRE has been providing quality services and a perfect outdoor war game site. We have been providing war game services and team building training courses to a number of airsoft players and organizations from different fields, including financial companies, insurance companies, real estate, banking, construction, logistics, hospitality, design, media, VTC, universities, secondary schools, government departments, charities, churches, youth centers, adult education centers, SMEs and more. 

We have been highly appreciated by people from all walks of life and will strive to maintain a high standard to serve each and every one of you.

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